OK Google, water the garden!

Hunter Eco Logic ELC-401i

💡 Choosing the smart sprinkler controller

📫 Shipping to Europe

⚡ Power supply

Original Rachio 3 Power Supply
  • IN: 230 V AC
  • OUT: 24 V AC, 1000mA (1A)
Noname adapter
Rachio 3 powered up!

📡 Connecting to Wi-Fi

TP-Link RE205 (AC750 Wi-Fi Extender)
Rachio 3 + TP-Link RE205 + 24VAC Power

🔌 Wiring

Hunter ELC 4
Rachio 3rd Generation — 2 zones setup
  • Yellow-green: Common
  • Blue: Zone 1
  • Brown: Zone 2
  • S1/S2: Rain sensors
  • Black: Power In

⚙️ App configuration

Rachio Android App

🚰 Fixing the water supply

Clean strainer filter

💦 OK Google, water the garden

Achievement unlocked!



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