A Curated List of Top 10 Android Games Worth Your Time

Petr Švihlík
3 min readOct 15, 2021


No matter whether you’re on a train, on a toilet, or on acid you’ll enjoy these games. Guaranteed!

What’s so special about them? They all follow a couple of principles:

  1. The graphics are simple yet delightful and mostly 2D.
  2. The rules and gameplay are easy to learn and remember but the game itself is often difficult to master.
  3. The soundtracks are as important as the graphics and gameplay and are equally good.

OK, here goes my top 10 in no particular order:

#1 Ninja Arashi series (1 & 2)

This jump n’ run game of the modern era requires your absolute focus. It will reward you with precise controls that will never fail you.

Ninja Arashi

#2 Rusty Lake’s Cube Escape series

Eerie and surrealistic — that’s how the Dutch developers describe the world they’ve created. In this Van Gogh-styled detective adventure, you’ll be uncovering mysteries, solving puzzles, and observe of obscure spectacles.

Cube Escape

#3 Eufloria HD

Grow and colonize! You can no longer get this awesome strategy game on Google Play, however, it’s still available on APK mirrors and on Steam. And I highly recommend you to go grab it while it’s still there to enjoy the minimalistic soundtrack and pastel graphics.

Eufloria HD

#4 Alto’s series (Adventure & Odyssey)

This is an absolute chill-out. You can choose whether you prefer snowboarding or sandboarding. In any case, just lay in awe, enjoy the views, and let the time pass. And don’t forget to rescue the llamas. 🦙

Alto’s Adventure

#5 Ultraflow series (1 & 2)

Circles, triangles, and the sound of broken glass. Superfast, super fun action puzzle. You won’t stop until you reach level 100!


#6 Lyne

Don’t be misled by this ingeniously simple concept, some levels can be really tricky to solve. While I was playing this game I had an urgent feeling that the ambient sounds must come from Half-life 2 or Mike Oldfield’s Discovery.


#7 Prune

If you’re looking for a definition of an indie game, look no further. Plant a seed and follow the sun's rays.


#8 Mini Metro

Alright, you‘ve probably heard about this one. But if you’re a bit like me and avoid things that get too much promotion and win too many prizes, let me assure you — this one deserves all of it. Don’t be a fool like me and give this metro simulation a try.

Mini Metro

#9 Hidden Folks

A perfect way to get lost in time and space. This game will free you of any thoughts and grab 100% of your attention. Also, a perfect way to de-stress.

Hidden Folks

#10 Tsuki’s Adventure

Are you looking for a particularly relaxed game without any time constraints — a game that doesn’t require too much attention? This Tamagotchi-style game can not be played fast. In fact, you need to have it installed for months to make some serious progress. You’ll be rewarded with the cuteness of your animal friends and their silly dialogues. Let this game be the happy place that you can carry wherever you go.

Tsuki’s Adventure

#11 KAMI series (1 & 2)

Let’s see how good you are with origami. KAMI is a paper folding puzzle. If you’re into stationery and Japanese culture, this one is for you.

“You lied, you said it’s gonna be top 10!” I hear you say.

Yeah, this article is not perfect…and I’m happy with it :) In fact, I have a couple more games. So if you enjoyed this article, go and check the extended list.