“How do you measure the success of DevRel?”, “Can you quantify the impact of a developer advocate’s work?”, “What’s the ROI on DevRel?”, “How does your work help us?”. If these questions sound familiar, chances are so does the imminent urge to leave the room when they’re raised. In my experience, good answers to such questions do exist and they don’t always involve numbers and metrics, however counterintuitive it may seem. Intrigued? Read on!

What’s the first question when a developer advocate meets a developer advocate?
What’s the first question when a developer advocate meets a developer advocate?

The endless search for the holy metric

Numerous studies, tweets, and conferences indicate that the battle for the measurability of DevRel is far from over. DevRel professionals still spend their time looking for…

I had never been good at sports (perhaps with an exception of swimming) and yet it somehow happened and I started to run and have been running for five years. I never ever run more than 15km and I’m sure my technique is terrible, but I’d still like to share a few things that contributed to my preserving the habit of running to this day.

I dedicate this article to my friend Matus who I think is a much better sportsman than I am :) But let it also be an encouragement to any novice runner.

Can you find me in the picture? Hint: Look out for a black headband :)

1. Keep your eyes up

The #1 advice that…

Let’s face it, my brain is just not compatible with any device that has a segment display or more than one button. Whether it’s a scientific calculator, thermostat, or water irrigation controller, I’m just not patient enough to RTFM or to try to learn and understand all the pictograms.

The first time I ran out of patience was Christmas two years ago when my ABB thermostats went crazy and I was unable to set the temperature to anything lower than the melting point of mithril.

To maintain my mental health, I decided to have them all replaced with Google Nest…

Are you implementing Objectives and Key Results across your company and don’t want your colleagues to feel frustrated after the first couple of few weeks?

Note for the reader: This article expects a basic knowledge of the OKR framework, originally introduced by Intel. I try to summarize the experience I gained throughout the almost two years since we’ve started with OKRs at Kentico. I discuss various problems that teams across our company have faced at some point in the time (on a smaller or larger scale). I call the problems deadly sins and I try to give honest advice on…

What defines a healthy workplace relationship? What can be done to have better and stronger relationships?

Relationships — how deep they go?

Not so long ago, a friend of mine was getting married and I had the honor to be her man of honor. She is actually a colleague of mine (and a former teammate). I’ve known her for more than seven years — we go running together, we visit each other, we go on trips together, and we helped each other withstand some serious life crises. …

The year 2018 was absolutely groundbreaking to me. I completely reorganized my life and I feel that I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life. If something troubles you or you’d like to change your life for the better, here’s a three-step recipe:

1) The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

There is an overwhelming plethora of self improvement books. I find most of them shitty. If there’s one book you should read, it’s this one. It’ll help you set the right values and spend the finite number of f*cks you’re given in this life efficiently. …

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